Add your own Vendor to use again and again if you don't find them in the Umapped database.

1. While building a Trip

  • If you are creating a segment in your Trip and can't find a certain restaurant, hotel, or activity, you can choose to create your own and save it to your library for future use.
  • Click the Add icon to select a segment type.

  • From the Add dialogue box, start by typing out your Vendor details manually, then click Add to Trip.

  • Once you have added this segment, click on the Camera icon to create a new Vendor using these details.

  • Start typing the Vendor's name, and select from the list of Google results.
  • If available, the Vendor's Address Info and Contact Info should populate automatically.

  • Once you click Save, hover over the camera icon in your segment; the caption will now have changed to Vendor Photos. Click to add.

  • From here you can search your Library, the web, or upload your own photos.

2. From the Vendors view

  • Click the Vendors tab at the top of your screen.
  • Click the Add button and select the type of vendor you want to add to your Library.

  • Enter the Vendor name and details and click Create New Vendor.

  • Click Add Photo to add from your library, the web, or upload your own photos.

  • Your new vendor will now be available to search in the Vendor screen, or as an option when creating a custom segment in your Trip.

Over time, your Vendor Library will grow as you include more unique experiences. Save all the contact info and details from your favourite locations to have at your disposal whenever you need. If you need further assistance, here's how to access more support.

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