Using the Dashboard, you can easily search through or filter your Trips.

1. To see your recently viewed Trips, click the Recent icon (clock with arrow), otherwise click the Filter icon.

2. Select which types of Trips you want to search through:

  • My Trips are Trips you've created
  • Trips Shared with Me are trips you've been added as a Collaborator on. For more on this feature, click here.
  • Company Trips are trips visible to you within your agency.

3. Use the search bar to search by keyword

  • Use the radio buttons to filter by Date.
    • Active Trips include all In-Progress and Future Trips and is selected by default.
    • In-Progress Trips are Trips your clients are currently on.
    • Future Trips have future travel dates.
    • Past Trips are completed and are now past-dated.
  • Use the checkboxes to filter by Status.
    • Published Trips have been shared with Travellers, while Pending Trips have not.

Your Active Trips will be the first thing you see on login, but your past Trips are always available to refer to or Duplicate.