The Web View allows your clients to engage with their upcoming Trip with an interactive, dynamic browser interface.

1. When your Travellers first receive their welcome email they are given a link to their Web View, where they can log in with their email address.

  • Travellers must log in using the same email that was used when you added them as a Traveller. To revise their email address, they must be removed and re-added as Travellers.
  • If a Traveller opts to Continue as Guest, they will be able to see the Web View, but without the Add icon and Messenger.

2. Once Travellers have logged in, they will be able to view: 

  • All their Trip segments, complete with photos, website links, weather forecasts, and driving directions (if applicable)
  • Links to download a PDF copy of the Trip as well as the mobile app
  • You and your Company's contact information

3. Click the Map option at the top of the screen to display all points of interest in the Trip for which location data is available.

4. Click Calendar at the top of the screen to view all segments of the Trip in Calendar format.

  • Clicking Add to Calendar in the top right-hand corner allows Travellers to add the Trip Calendar to their personal iOS, Google, or Outlook calendar.

5. Click the filter icon at the top right-hand corner to view select segments of their Trip at once. The filter option can also be used to filter the Trip by date.

The Web View is a living and interactive document, that updates with new flight and weather information as they become available, and revisions when you Re-Publish your Trip.