If the Traveller Collaboration feature is enabled in your Preferences, your Travellers can add segments and Notes to their Trip, whether they are on the Web View or the mobile app.

NOTE: Traveller Collaboration is a feature available to users on the Professional plan. If you are on the Standard plan, and would like to upgrade to access the many Professional plan features, please reach out to support@umapped.com and a member of our Customer Success Team would be happy to assist.

In the Mobile App, Travellers can open their Trip and click the Add icon in the bottom right-hand corner in order to add additional bookings or Notes.

NOTE: If your Traveller adds any segments, those segments will automatically sync to your Trip in the Trip Publisher. Travellers will not be able to remove or edit segments you've created, even with Traveller Collaboration enabled.

Once the Add icon has been selected, your Traveller can choose the type of itinerary segment they would like to add to their Trip.

The segment will populate in their Trip once all required details have been entered, and saved.

The Traveller Collaboration feature allows your travellers to add bookings and notes on the go, giving them more flexibility during their Trip.