FAQs by Travellers

How can I view Past Trips?

  • Click the Filter icon in the top right-hand corner of your app and select Past Trips.

Why aren't my Trips loading in the app?

  • Please ensure that the Enable Sync button is toggled to the right in your Preferences in the app.

Why is a past Trip still in my active Trips?

  • About 4-5 days after a trip has ended, it will automatically be sorted into "Past Trips." There is a slight delay before it will be sorted to your Past Trips to leave some time for any post-travel arrangements. Once the Trip has been sorted into Past Trips, it can be accessed by clicking on the filter icon in the top right-hand corner. 

Can I delete past Trips from the Mobile App?

  • If you would like to remove the Trip from your Mobile App account, please ask your Travel Agent to remove you as a Traveller from the Trip. 

FAQs by Travel Advisors

How can I view past Trips?

  • The Filter icon will only appear in the mobile app for Travellers. Due to the optimization of the mobile app, Travel Advisors logging in with their Umapped account will only be able to see Active Trips to ensure optimal app speed and performance.

Why won't my Trip jump to the current day?

  • This feature is only available for Travellers.

Why can't I add segments in the Mobile App?

  • The Traveller Collaboration feature is only available for Travellers.

Can I be added as a Traveller to another advisor's Trip?

  • As long as you use an email that isn't associated with your Umapped account, you can be added as a Traveller to another advisor's Trip.

Can I see my Company Trips if I am in a Group?

  • If you are part of a Group, though you will be able to see your Company Trips in the Trip Publisher, you will be unable to view these Trips in the Mobile App. Please add yourself as a Traveller using a personal email address to any Trips you wish to view in the Mobile App.