Multiple Brand Support allows users with the Administrator role to create additional brands within their Company that can be used by IC agents.


Consultants that are part of a satellite store need to be part of their Hub Store's Company account in Trip Publisher, but want to display their satellite store branding and contact details.

Agency owners need the option to display multiple brands/logos but want to take advantage of the benefits of working from one Company in Trip Publisher (each user working from their own account and set of credentials, and having access to shared vendor database, working groups, and easy logo/brand selection).

NOTE: You must have Travel Professional plan and have the Administrator role to create Brand Profiles. Users on an Individual plan can upgrade to a Travel Professional plan for this feature.

To view your account type, click on your contact details in the upper right corner of the sidebar and select My Account.

Please contact your Umapped Company Administrator to have a Brand Profile added, or reach out to for additional assistance.

To create a new Brand Profile within your company to be available to other agents, click on the Menu icon from the top left corner, select Admin, and then in the default Company tab select +New.

Enter the applicable Brand details in the pop-up screen, then click SAVE.

The newly created Brand will now be displayed under the Company Profile.

Select the Options icon to edit the brand profile, upload or change the logo, or delete profile.

NOTE: All Brand Profiles that are created will be available to all company agents that have a Travel Professional plan to select from their preferences.

Users on an Individual plan can upgrade to a Travel Professional plan for this feature.